How to Create a Website or Blog in An Hour in Just 6 Easy Steps with WordPress & Divi

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Creating a WordPress Website cum Blog with DIVI is very quick and easy. 



You cannot have a website without a Domain & Hosting. Thus, you will never be able to skip this step with a self-hosted website.

  • Domain Name is the name of your website or your website address (eg.
  • Hosting connects your website to the internet making it viewable to the world. 


  • Domain Name = $13.95/yr. FREE (on First year)
  • Greengeeks Hosting = $ 2.95/Mo (if Paid 3 years in advance); $9.95/ Mo (if Paid on a monthly basis). Greengeeks is the cleanest hosting around powered by 300% renewable energy. You have all the features you need to build any kind of website or blog. Its very affordable and their customer support is top notch.

* One (1) Hosting Account allows you to build MULTIPLE Websites or Blogs.


Please note the details you entered when registering your domain & hosting. You will access your account later and can be more frequent. You will be provided via email the following:

  • The EMAIL address you entered.
  • Your LOGIN Details


Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Wildcard Certificate will give you the basic security of your website. It gives trust & How to Install SSL Certificate on WordPress Websiteconfidence to your visitor. Once it’s installed, you will see a padlock icon in your address bar.

If the SSL Certificate is not installed it will give you and your visitor a warning that your site or blog is not secure.


STEP 3: Install WordPress

GreenGeeks has an easy one-click installation of WordPress. With WordPress, you own your digital home.

What is WordPress you say? Well, most website & blogs in the world are built and powered with WordPress. It’s the world’s most widely used and popular tool or Content Management System (CMS) for creating any kind of website; from a simple blog, an (eCommerce) Online Store, to a full-featured Business Website. It’s the CMS Platform that is easiest to use and manage.

It has by far, the Largest community of users worldwide. Tons of tutorials online, tons of plugins and 3rd party integrations. You can never go wrong with WordPress. And Its free. Once you’ve done the SSL certificate installation, it’s time to finally install WordPress. See below guide:


  • Install WordPress in 2-5 minutes by Logging in to your Greengeeks cPanel. See Instruction Here 


STEP 4: Install DIVI Theme

Divi is an ‘All-In-One, Live Page’, Drag N’ Drop, Front-End Website & Blog Visual Builder. It can build stunning Landing pages, beautiful Websites, Blogs, Online stores, Optin Forms and more. It has tons of customizations options and you can literally build any type of website or blog using DIVI in just minutes. Tons of tutorials online. Tons of features. Tons of premade templates inside your dashboard, thereby saving you time and money in the long run. It’s the most downloaded Website Builder on the planet today.

  • Purchase The DIVI Theme ($89). Take note of your login details to grab your file that you need to download.
  • Download DIVI Theme to your computer (in zip file)
  • Upload It to your WordPress website (
  • See Full Instruction here!

Please also take note of the following, you will need them frequently and in updating the theme: 

  • Your User Name (what you entered during registration)
  • API Key (will be provided by DIVI, in your account Dashboard)
STEP 5: Load Premade Layout

There is a LIBRARY of Premade Website Layouts that you can load within your website after purchasing, then installing the DIVI Theme. They can contain Images, Elements & Modules and BASIC PAGES like:

  • Home
  • Landing Pages
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us
  • Services
  • Blog Page
  • Pricing
  • Newsletter signup Forms
  • Can be more!

You can access and import Pre-Made layouts in the LIBRARY directly from your website (with an installed DIVI Theme) when creating or editing a page.

In the Load From Library popup you will have Three (3) tabs available.

  1. The PREMADE LAYOUTS tab is where you will find all of the premade layouts you can use for free.
  2. The “YOUR SAVED LAYOUTS” tab is where you can access any layouts you personally have saved to the Divi Library. You can export it to any divi website using the DIVI Library.
  3. And the “YOUR EXISTING PAGES” tab will contain a list of all the pages (including posts and projects) currently on your website where you may choose to clone an existing page to kickstart the design of a new page.

See instruction Here

STEP 6: Customize Your Premade Layout

Once you have picked a layout to use, you may start customizing your DIVI website. You can do any of the following:

  • Upload your own LOGO. [Create Logo Here]!
  • Change the color schemes to your preferences
  • Change Fonts if you wish to
  • Mix and match your web pages from the various premade layouts
  • Mix and match elements and modules from premade layouts
  • You can whatever you want to customize it.

See Customizing Full Instruction here!

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