How to Install WordPress on Your GreenGeeks Domain and Hosting Account in 1-3 Minutes [2021]

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Install WordPress (1-3 Minutes)

Install WordPress using Softaculous. In this case, it will install WordPress and its database after just a few pieces of information from yourself. It’s a quick and easy way to set up a website without having to learn a single line of code.

When you have a GreenGeeks Hosting Account, you’ll have access to cPanel. This is a versatile administrative dashboard that gives you control over many aspects of your website.


From cPanel, scroll to the Softaculous Apps Installer and click “WordPress.”

Softaculous WordPress Installation - cPanel Greengeeks


From the Softaculous script window, click the “Install Now” button in the description. The Softaculous software will usually have the most recent version of WordPress available. If you want to install an older version, you may have to do it manually.

Step2- Install WordPress in Greengeeks Hosting cPanel

Input Your Website Settings

In the next screen, you will need to input all of your website’s settings. We will break it down a bit for you:

  • Software Setup
    In this section, you’ll choose whether your site uses SSL protocols or not. This is done by selecting which “http:” version you want to use from the drop down options. You’ll also pick your domain. If you only have one domain name, it will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, you’ll have to select it from the list.
  • Site Settings
    This is the basic information of your website. You’ll put in your site’s name and a short description. This will be used by most themes as well as the WordPress system for identification purposes. It will also play a part in search engine optimization, so make sure the information is something you want seen in sites like Google.
  • Admin Account
    Input the admin username and password you want to use to log into WordPress. I suggest never using the name “admin” as the administrator username. It’s the first thing bots and hackers will try when attempting to access your website. Make it something completely unique to you.
  • Admin Email Address
    This address is only used by WordPress itself and is not available publicly. Plugins you install may also use this address to send you messages or updates. It can also be used for password recovery should you forget or lose your login credentials.
  • Choose Language
    This is set as English by default. However, you have the option of using many different language types for WordPress. Choose one that is ideal for you and your website.
  • Select Plugins
    Softaculous often comes with a couple of Plugins readily available should you choose. GreenGeeks displays “Loginizer” and “WPForms Lite.” These two plugins are very helpful for those who want to protect the login screen and create forms such as what you would use for contact information. Click the check boxes to activate or deactivate these optional plugins.
  • Advanced Options
    Advanced options are for those who have a firm grasp of databases, upgrades and backup control. You can customize these elements if you wish, but I would suggest new users to leave these settings.
  • Select Theme
    WordPress comes with a few themes readily available. These files dictate how your website appears. In Softaculous, you can choose from a wide variety of layouts. Simply click the one you want to install with WordPress and Softaculous will do the rest. Please note that you can change themes at any time and as often as you like.

NOTE: At the bottom of the screen, below the “Install” button, you can assign an email address to send installation details. It may be helpful to have a record of the process. However, this is completely optional.

Once you’re done fine-tuning WordPress, click the “Install” button on the bottom middle of the screen.

To view FULL SCREEN, Click the SQUARE Button [Right Bottom]. 

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