How to Make Money ReSelling eBooks on Facebook


Resell-Rights Rights Profits Beginners Guide

How to Make Money Reselling eBooks on Facebook


Making money online with resale rights is a way for people to earn an online income. With Resell Rights Products, you can now start selling online without a product of your own, while you keep 100% of the profits.

You can start immediately with only approximately less than $50 investment.  



#1: EBOOKS with Resell Rights

Buy Your eBooks with Resell Rights Here:

eBooks with Resell Rights are eBooks you can resell “As-is”. You only buy the license once and resell it as many times as you like while you keep 100% of the profit.

These are of quality eBook products each that you now own the rights to. You can sell it ‘as-is’ or you just add your name and you’re an instant author. You get the products, the PDF and editable documents, the pre-built sales website, the custom graphics and editable image files.

#2: STORE Front

Create Your Sellfy Account Here!

When reselling eBooks to Facebook, you need a StoreFront which can also manage the payment processing of your ebooks. It does integrates to your Facebook Marketplace. 

With Sellfy, you can build your online store in under 5-minutes and start selling products directly to your audience through website or social media. It’s the is the easiest platform for selling downloads online. It takes just a few minutes to upload your file and be ready to sell!

Sellfy merchants can promote products by offering discounts for buyers in exchange for a retweet or Facebook share. It helps products get some organic airtime. 


Create your FaceBook Page Here!

A Facebook store allows you to sell products through your Facebook Page. You can set up a Facebook Page for your business that is separate to your personal Facebook account.

Facebook are where a lot of people spending their time. You can set up a shop directly on Facebook to start taking advantage of the traffic that Facebook already has.


Done! Your Visitors will be able to buy your ebooks on your Facebook page.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

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